Protect Your Cargo With Durable Tarps and Covers

Protect Your Cargo With Durable Tarps and Covers

Create custom coverings with El Paso, TX's ACS

If you’re transporting important cargo, you know it’s got to stay well protected. ACS of El Paso manufactures tarps and covers ideal for transporting and securing items on tractor trailers and trucks. We make your coverings to your exact specifications, fitting them to your needs and using only the highest grade of quality material. We’ll create your tarp or covering using state of the art equipment and the latest production methods, and put our decades of experience to work for you. We have the capability to manufacture:

• Flatbed tarps
• Air chutes for utility reefers
• Steel tarp coverings
• Lumber reinforcement tarps, and more!

Our team also handles any reinforcements and repairs you may need! For all of your cargo control, rigging and lifting or safe covering needs, rely on ACS of El Paso. Call today to secure your load.